The Unseen Force, Part Two of the Burr Oak

The force that is with you, and me, and all the earth. It’s gravity. By definition it is the “force of attraction that pulls all terrestrial bodies toward the center of the earth.” Gravity never quits. It is always invisibly present, always influencing all of life. It equally effects everything living and no living on this earth. It was at work on this Burr Oak tree when the photo was taken a week ago. It is exerting a toward the center of the earth force at this moment. While transpiration is the force that moves water up the trunk of this tree, “gravitropism” allows the oak to grow upwards (and out) against the force of gravity. What attribute of the Burr Oak counteracts the constant downward pull? Again, it is something unseen. This time, it is something within the tree. It is a plant growth hormone call “auxin”. Auxin is found in all plants. It is the anti-gravity force. It stimulates plant cells to elongate, or grow in size. Because it is light sensitive and needing shade, sunlight causes less auxin to be present in the cells closest to light. Cells on the shaded side will produce more auxin, which produces more cell division and elongation (growth) on the shaded side. So, the tree bends toward the sunlight growing out and up. Auxin is why a sunflower head “tracks” the sun. We know what auxin does. We do not know how auxin comes to exist in plants through any human explanation. From the time of Charles Darwin to today the existence of auxin in plants remains an unsolved mystery. There is an explanation however. The existence of auxin in all plants, the “force” that causes them to grow, is explained in these words from Romans 1:20: For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. The answer is there in the words “eternal power.” What is the force that produces auxin? What is the reason auxin is a shade seeker? God’s power spoke it into existing.  God is the ultimate “force”. He is the source of it.

For years, my goal has been to seek the miracles of God present in creation. It is my belief that every living thing has at least one miracle which can only be explained by God’s creative power. To me auxin is the most amazing miracle I have found so far. Auxin is a miracle found in all growing plants! It is the finger print of God.

The search continues!  (source for Darwin comment: )

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