Peace That Lasts


Peace is desirable. We all seek it. We thrive on peace and languish in its absence. The absence of conflict is peace. The opposite of strife is peace. The nonexistence of stress is peace too. People pay significant sums of money to have peace. Some visit psychiatrists to have it. Most would agree quiet is the frosting on peace. Peace is health giving. Our heart rate slows, blood pressure drops, respiration slows, and we feel better. We think more clearly. We are more contented when there is peace.

We desire peace over war. Throughout history there have been marches for peace, people have sacrificed their lives for peace. Peace is contradictory to war. With peace there is comfort and safety. Partners to peace are hope, love, harmony, calmness and serenity. All humankind has basic physical needs: light, air, water, food, shelter. Peace is a basic human spiritual need. Without peace the quality of human life is seriously reduced.

Two of my granddaughters enjoyed peace with me today. We went ice skating. They skated, my role was photographer. No horns blared. No text messages were sent or received. It was just the three of us at the rink. The only sounds were the puff of a gentle northwest breeze and muted traffic in the distance. The air was cold, fresh and clean. Oh, we never thought about peace. We never commented aloud, “Isn’t the peace good today?” Yet, peace was present. Peace revealed itself in contented skating, and just enjoying life together on a sun filled winter afternoon.

From where does this basic need of all humans named peace come? Please identify in your mind the source of peace. Do you know the location of a workshop where peace is made? Is generating peace a human activity? Can peace be purchased through an online store and arrive at your door ready to unwrap tomorrow? We know peace is not for sale. We long for peace when it is absent. Money, cannot buy true peace.

We can discover the source of peace. Its limitless qualities give us an unmistakable clue about its source. Peace comes from God. It is a gift from God. What a gift is. In Philippians, Paul writes about peace. He states God’s peace goes beyond human understanding-that’s all humans. It is unfathomable. But we should try to comprehend God’s peace is more rich that way. There is great joy in considering the peace which God gives and living in it. The peace of God shields you-and me. Our hearts and minds are protected by the peace of God. This peace is not fabricated by the absence of human conflict or human effort. This is God generated peace. That means: infinitely perfect; tailor formed just for you exactly when you need it. It means peace that is enormously powerful, and lasting. It is peace that heals hearts and minds. What does a peace so marvelous cost? Incredibly, it is free. It is always free-for anyone. It is not “too good to be true”, it is “too good to pass up”. Try it, God’s peace is real. To obtain it is simple. ASK God. Talk with Him, He will hear you no matter where you are. He will answer you no matter how much you have messed up your life. He waits. Ask Him now. Peace awaits you.

Philippians 4:7 (NIV)… And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

*Suggestion: take a Bible with a concordance (an alphabetical list of the words, especially the important ones, present in the Bible) and look up the word “peace”. Read the verses about “peace” in the Bible.