A Feathered Model of Strength and Peace

dsc_0076ed2Its tiny, its agile, just power packed,

alert in each moment and place,

with eyes masked in feathers deep black,

the Chickadee-wizard of all airspace.


Curious, inquisitive at all things new,

chickadee vigilance alerts it to change,

a sound, a movement, different, askew,

knowing what’s happening in its home range.


From Missouri to Alaska, and between,

a bouncing flight unmistakable,

its feathers all preened,

so small, miniature, but almost unbreakable.


A remembering brain,

withstandi frozen winters causing humans to freeze,

this little one could win a tough bird campaign,

steady, undaunted in raindrop or flake.


From where does it get this toughness and strength?

how does this little one stand so strong?

or survive deep cold at such length?

strength comes from the One who orders birdsong.


God is the source of its strength and ours,

He gives to birds and all humans alive,

His word has unthinkable powers,

look at the Chickadee! He makes it thrive!

 The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11

God has made the chickadee and filled it with His almighty strength. Now think what He will do for you and me. We were made in His image! Can you see? He gives strength and then blesses with peace. Rest in this truth, live in this truth!