Beauty in White and Gold

This is true. It is a narrative of two men with a singular objective. The subject of this narrative is beauty and the experience of the two men. At first, their aim was not observing beauty. At first, it was fishing and catching.

The day began early, before sunrise. Perhaps a hint about beauty had already been provided them. At 2:30 AM before either man had risen for the day there was lightning and thunder. Beautiful any time in warm weather, this occurred in winter. Spectacular.

The men set out for the lake in darkness and optimism. The earth around them was already wet and dripping from the early morning unseasonal thunderstorm. As they drove northward enjoying the friendship of like minds, the change began. Warm air which causes thunderstorms also produces fog over cold ground covered with ice and snow.

Within 5 miles, the terrain had changed to trees with snow on the ground beneath and small lakes with cold ice on the surface. The men began to see patches of intense white fog rolling slowly above the lakes and in the places with trees. Each mile farther north increased the fog; there was more snow, more ice.

Fog generates mystery in the human mind. It hides the landscape. It causes things beyond to be unseen. Fog makes the human experience with nature quiet, more cozy, more personal. Only things close are in view. Fog removes distant distractions.

Arriving at the lake they witnessed a blanket of fleece-like fog above the entire surface. Quietness prevailed. The mystery and wonder of the day began to make its impression…on me at least. My fishing companion was more focused on fish. The best was yet to come.

These are my impressions of events on the lake. We prepared to fish, a bench and a folding chair our comfort. My eyes scanned the lake ice and the distant shore which faded in and out of focus as the fog drifted north-westward on the south-easterly soft breeze. Though fishing was the goal, my eyes wanted to watch the beautiful white mystery drifting across the icy surface. Tree trunks became clear and then faded into the fog. There were brief glimpses of the distant hills wooded and silent in the white blanket rising skyward. Beautiful dark and white.

It was time to fish. My heart wanted to watch the scene displayed in the mysterious, white world around the little fish house. There were no other humans on the lake. Inside the house, we heard the calls of Canada Geese. The catch of our first fish allowed me to open the door and glimpse down the lake. They stood together, dark goose silhouettes wreathed in white. Beautiful. With the door closed again, their calls inviting spring reminded us of their nearness. My mind could still see them standing together. Just before the rain began, they left.

When it began raining. It came to mind that the geese were not calling on the ice beyond us. They knew rain was on the way. They left the lake before the rain, going someplace more comfortable to geese.

My experience with ice fishing is decades long. Cold, snow, ice so deep you went to your knees to finish drilling a hole, but never this…rain. As we waited for another fish, rain began to fall. It sounds louder on the tin roof of a tiny fish house. It was soothing. We were dry. We were enjoying the time on the ice-fishing.  Then came thunder. It rolled from the west to the east. Ice fishing and thunder? Never before. Beautiful. We stayed in the fish house until the rain stopped. It rained at least an hour-in the winter; while we were ice fishing. Amazing, and yes, beautiful.

When it stopped, we ended our fishing trip. We put things inside the tiny house on the lake. It was the only one left. As we walked to the shore, the ice slippery with its coat of rain, we could hear water dripping from the trees. The fog was still rising, still mysterious and beautiful.

Cleaning fish later, the fresh memories of icy white fog shrouding trees, and a lake with a curtain of white rising above it; the beauty of our catch caught my eyes. With the fish laying on the counter my eyes could see the gold outline of each scale. The camouflage pattern of its skin added detail to its beauty. Guess the fog helped me see that. But, it was not the fog that gets credit for this marvelous memory making trip. God made the fog. God made the snow, the ice, the lake, the fish with its golden scales. He made the geese and the thunderstorm. He gave me eyes to see and ears to hear.

You may be thinking, it was just fog. If you need to, read again the words of this narrative. It was about beauty. This was a day that will linger long in my heart and mind-because of beauty. God creates beauty daily. We cannot see it if we spend most of our time inside. Go outside, search for beauty. It is new and present in each day.

Become a beauty hunter, you won’t regret it. Solomon once spoke about beauty of the earth, He said, He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 *



Going outside is free, there is no charge- ever and time outside enhances health too. Remember, God creates every day. One of His gifts to each of us daily is beauty. “He has made everything beautiful.”  He made the human eye to observe it, and our souls to be thrilled by it. Observing beauty on earth engages our eternal soul with the everlasting delight of heaven to come. Believe Jesus loves you. He made beauty for you today. It speaks to our souls of eternity.