dsc_0062eddsc_0047edCome and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people! Psalm 66:5

Come-See Awesome!

My pajamas were still warming me. My brain was barely alert. Out of bed for less than 5 minutes, my still blurry eyes gazed out the window. There was the waning crescent moon. Just above the tree tops, a sliver of white in a deep before sunrise blue sky. You are thinking, beautiful, a marvelous sight to see. Yes-but. But the next thought that came to me was: take a picture. Oh! The rebellion in my brain. It was a mini-storm of protest. Take a picture? In my pajamas? My feet will get cold! This will mess up my routine! Do I have to take a picture?

In moments, the mind wrestling was over. Yes, a picture could be taken. My routine which was so strictly guarded by my habit loving brain could be changed. Oh, the coffee maker did get filled, but just after filling, the warm clothes, camera and tripod were with me. The moon beckoned. Once outside, the task of taking photos of this soon to be absent lunar subject took full attention.

Later inside, after coffee and breakfast, there was leisure time to enjoy the photos and reflect on the exquisite splendor of this morning’s moonrise. Come and see awesome with me. At the time of the photo, the moon was just 10% illuminated. Only 1 in 10 of the sun’s rays were being reflected back to my eyes and the camera lens. It made for a crescent only the moon could reveal. The photo shows old reflected light. The sun is about 93,205,678 miles from the moon. The moon about 238,000 miles from where the camera was poised for a photo. The light we see from the moon in this photo had been traveling. Yet, that is not difficult at light speed or 183,000 miles per second. Light speed travel from the moon to your eyes is about 1.3 seconds. Since it takes light 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach earth from the sun, it takes only a second longer for the light to take a detour to the moon before it reaches our eyes. It’s old light.  All this can be summarized: The moon was grand this morning.

Come and see awesome with me. This story has another unexpected part. While reading the Bible at the kitchen table it is my frequent pleasure to turn my head to the right and gaze out the patio door to our deck. Geese fly over, chickadees visit our bird feeder, and what joy there is to watch the sunrise. Each morning is an adventure, a delight. This morning, as before, my head turned right. My eyes scanned the sky, the trees, observed the new sunlight on the tree tops. Before returning to the page of scripture my eyes fell on the surface of the deck. Wow, the ice crystals growing on the deck surface were beautiful. The next thought was: take a picture. Oh! the rebellion in my brain-again! But my coffee will get cold! I will get cold wearing my exercise clothes. I don’t have shoes on.  I need to finish reading the Bible, it will interrupt my routine! It won’t be possible to get close enough.

This time the mind wrestling event lasted seconds. My legs pushed away from the table. The camera strap went around my neck. With gloves on the deck to protect my bare knees and a plastic tub for a camera tripod pictures of intricate and delicate crystals, still forming on the deck were taken.

Come and see awesome with me. Yesterday, on a Minnesota February day it rained. As the sun set last evening our deck was still wet. Overnight the air temperature fell below freezing. The thermometer read 24 F this morning. The moisture on the deck began to freeze forming ice crystals. Water molecules above 32 degrees have more energy. Last evening, as the molecules cooled to 32 degrees they began to stick together. However, for water to form crystals and freeze a “seed” is needed for the water molecule to form around. A seed is any impurity, a speck of dust, or sea salt. On the deck it is likely that the dust particles were the seeds. As the air temperature dropped below 32 more and more molecules stuck together and the crystals grew larger. This morning before sunrise the temperature was 24 F. The water from the rain formed more and more ice crystals as the molecules slowed and stuck together. If you look carefully it is possible to see hoarfrost forming on the crystals. It is formed from water molecules in the air changing to a solid and freezing on the ice crystals. (How does God do it?) With more time the frost would have grown larger, but the sun was up. In less than 2 hours the frost and the ice crystals were gone.

Water is a miracle. The properties of water set by God, produce regular miracles: fog, ice, ice crystals, snow crystals, frost. All have God infused beauty. Because it happens regularly, we often fail to look or appreciate this Creator formed majesty. When we miss the beauty God is daily displaying we miss something else: the adventure God intends for us in life.

It was not my intention to view the moon or the ice crystal. Nor did I intend upon arising to take photos of them. This brings us to something I daily fail at; listening to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit did not only inspire the writers of the Bible. The Holy Spirit inspires us to apply the fruit of the Spirit in our daily living. If we listen. This morning, which does not always happen, I listened. There are photos for you to see. There are words for you to read. There is a verse of scripture which God provided this morning in-between taking pictures of the moon and ice crystals. Don’t think of me with any esteem. My role: be the messenger, take the pictures, tell the story. Allow me to remind you once more using the words of King David, Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people! Psalm 66:5

A walk with God is everyday amazing adventure, come; see awesome! Ask Him to help you. His adventure for you awaits. What an AWESOME God He is!

Oh…last thought:  if God can form stunning ice crystals overnight from water. If He can reflect sunlight from the moon to form a beautiful crescent (we never mentioned how He causes the and moon to move about earth in orbit.) If He does these things…think what God means  when we read the words of Jeremiah 29:11:  For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

Author: davidwellis

What does a grandfather, husband, former public school teacher and Education Specialist for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service with many life experiences in nature do with them? A naturalist with a camera-makes outside a daily destination. My confidence is that God will guide my words, and photos. We live in a magnificent world, come and look at it with me through eyes, lens and words. To God be the glory. Current Profile Photo- Prickly Ash, the name summarizes this brushy undergrowth well. It fascinates me with its thorny branches. Seeing a vine wrapped around the trunk called for a photo.