Established Steps

It formed unseen by any human eye.

Two miles above the earth surface it formed around a microscope particle of clay. The air was freezing. It had to be. It looked like a hexagonal prism at first. If you could have seen it later it was like a plate with 6 corners. Some-time later these corners developed into arms. If you could have seen it. If you could have seen it, you would have recognized it as a snow crystal. But it took many paths today. It was blown upward. Then downward and perhaps side to side-many times.

This crystal took many paths in its formation. No other crystal took the same path. Only this one traveled where the wind and temperature change pushed it. Its path was determined by external forces of moving air at different temperatures. Perhaps a million billion crystals fell in this snow fall. All of them took different paths. No wonder no two crystals look exactly the same.

Likely, it took this single beautiful snow crystal from 45 to 60 minutes to fall to earth …and land on the chunk of firewood I was using to collect snow crystals and photograph them. It was on its own path from formation to its gentle descent onto the surface of the wood. So tiny. My eyes never saw it until viewing the photo on the computer screen.dsc_0078ed2

It is unique…one plate shaped crystals with hexagonal plates on its six sides. My wish-the photo was better. Photographer error again. But, it is uncommon. The crystals around it were not as finely formed. Well-formed crystals are not common. We will never know the path it took to get near my camera lens. No eye saw inside the cloud that formed it. Now we see it, preserved as a digital image.

The real crystal is gone. The chunk of firewood back in the pile.

This snow crystal is so small, yet, its life lesson is giant.

God knew the path of this crystal. He knows the path of every crystal still falling to earth-somewhere. Every one of the million billion falling. But, it is more, He knows the path of every snow crystal that has ever fallen-ever fallen! He knows the path of every crystal that will ever fall in the future-for eternity.

That is not the giant life lesson.

Here it is: God directs your steps. Every step for all of your life. We make our plans. It is God who regulates, governs, decides and establishes our steps. Before you take offense, stop. Think about Who we are speaking of; God. Almighty God. Everlasting God. All knowing God. Everywhere present God. All powerful God. The only wise God. There’s one other critical fact. We are referring to God-perfect in love God. God who sent Jesus His Son to die for every human who has lived and ever will live. This is the God who controls our steps.

Thank you, lead us God.



Proverbs 16:9


 We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.

Proverbs 16:9