Crystal Clear

Crystal is one of my favorites. Not the feminine one. Not the expensive glass one. Not the beautiful quartz mineral either. It is not the city of Crystal, MN zip code 55422. We are not referring to Crystal Cruises the world’s most awarded luxury cruise line, or Crystal Mountain ski resort. Neither is my favorite Crystal, the content blocker for iPad, iPhone and Samsung devices. Since we’ve excluded the others, and just to be explicitly clear my favorite is not Crystal Programming language and it is not crystal champagne either.

My favorite crystal melts. My favorite crystal is ice you can see through-that crystal. The process of crystallization which occurs as water molecules freeze together pushes impurities such as minerals and the even present in water, oxygen away from the edges. Clear, see through ice results. When ice melts enough for water to become liquid and run downward with the force of gravity and then refreeze as a clear icicle my favorite crystal is formed. Completely clear makes completely beautiful.


Additional criteria must be present. No human hand or influence should have formed it. This crystalline ice should be 100% natural. Perhaps formed during the night, or after midday warming, there will be another delightful truth about crystal clear ice: no human eye sees it form. That brings the third criterion; crystal clear ice takes time.

Late fall and early spring are times to search for crystal clear ice formations, but they can be seen along rivers even in cold weather. Clear ice, formed at the edge of the water is worthy of human effort to find.

It is among the most beautiful things in nature. Water in two visible forms, liquid and solid is complimentary to one another. The liquid reflects the solid. The crystal clear solid is an immoveable version of the liquid. The result is attention grabbing, distraction arresting beauty.DSC_0100

Yet, my word on this is not sufficient. It is best to actually find your own. Gaze at it, be mesmerized.

There is another crystal. The crystal clear of ice reminds me and represents this crystal. This crystal is eternal. It is life-giving. It is liquid. It flows continually, with everlasting abundance. It is the water of life. These descriptions are not my words. They are the Word of God eternal, the One who made the crystal-clear ice in the photos. This river of crystal flows from the throne of God and Jesus the Lamb of God.

These words reveal a real true promise beyond comprehension. Jesus is the River of Life. He is perfect, He is God. From Him flows the river of the water of life-as clear as crystal.

Examine the beauty of the crystal-clear ice in the photos. Then contemplate a place called heaven with a river of life clear as crystal flowing from Jesus’ throne. I want to see it. What will it be like to drink from this crystal clear water of life? You can too. We can go to see and drink; together. Trust God’s Word to be true.

Then the angel showed me a river with the water of life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb. Revelation 22:1