Ultimate Mighty

DSC_0035Journey with me to the ocean. Our trip will take more than one blog. Together, we will enjoy beauty. Together we will wonder. There is awe in the ocean. There is power unimaginable. Those who are life dwellers near the ocean can tell you. They can speak of both beauty beyond belief and power indescribable. Their ears have heard the 24/7 sound of surf sometimes muted, in times more infrequent, a roar.

Travel with me to the gulf. In photos and words look with me at the “big bay”; the Gulf of Mexico.

I’ll assume your consent to share some truth about this body of salt water.

It ranks 9 in size for the largest bodies of water in the world. You may understand perfectly how large 600,00 square miles is. For me it is sufficient to say the Gulf is so large my finite mind cannot comprehend it. It helps me understand just how large 600,000 square miles is when we consider another fact. There are 3,540 miles of shoreline from the tip of the Yucatan in Mexico to the tip of Florida. There are 236 more on the Gulf coast of Cuba. To give us a comparative distance, 3,350 highway miles separate Miami, Florida from Seattle, Washington. Immense is a descriptor for the Gulf of Mexico.DSC_0536

The Gulf is deep. In one area, a trough of more than 12,000 feet separates the wave tossed surface with the ocean floor. That’s about 2.7 miles down. It’s called the Sigsbee Deep. But we are only speculating, we do not know for sure the true maximum in this unseen world.  The average Gulf depth is about 5,298 feet. That is 18 feet deeper than a mile. Equally significant, 33 major rivers empty into the Gulf on the United States portion alone. Of world significance, the Gulf Stream begins is movement on the Yucatan peninsula and flows along the coast of the United States. It begins its flow northward in the Atlantic as it leaves the Florida straits.

Logic will allow us to believe that this “bay” supports some of the world’s largest fisheries. That same reasoning permits our minds the ability to believe that Gulf Coast wetlands in the United States alone exceed 5 million acres. It also follows that at least 75% of the continental United States migratory waterfowl find Gulf Coast wetlands suitable habitat. There’s much more but consider this fact last. An estimated 15,420 species find the Gulf of Mexico just the right place for life. The Gulf of Mexico is a colossal earth zone..

Since synonyms are helpful in expanding our understanding, one for colossal is mighty. The Gulf is a place for mighty storms, mighty wildlife, mighty waters. It is also a place for monumental beauty. As a whole it is a vast example of the power of the One who knows exactly how deep it is, and to an exact number, how many shrimp inhabit Gulf waters. We consistently ignore the truth that the Gulf of Mexico is a living testimony to the Creator because we forget, and we lose focus. Other temporary things are more important, you can think of a few. Because we humans forget and lose focus, two questions of eternal significance are overlooked:

  1. Did God really make the Gulf of Mexico? Since there is a 50/50 chance; it is yes or no…
  2. What does it mean if God made this vast body of water?

Let us not overlook them now. We are not the only ones who considered these questions. Thousands of years ago someone listened and observed the power and beauty of the ocean. This human wrote, “Mightier than the thunders of many waters, mightier than the waves of the sea, the Lord on high is mighty!Psalm 93:4

Take a moment. Refocus. Remember. Before a final question, assume with me that God DID make the Gulf of Mexico. Now the question. Since God made the Gulf of Mexico and all of the life in, under, on and around it; what else is God able to do? Oh, there is one other question to consider; How does knowing this effect you?