Dove Direction

DSC_0002_053sigShe had no idea of what was to come. She lived each day simply. Early morning was her time to fill her crop with seeds to digest later. She might sleep during the day by dropping her head on her shoulders. If she sensed danger, her pointed wings could carry her away at speeds up to 55 mph. Let’s assume she had lived through two pervious nesting seasons. Each time she had laid two eggs. Doves only lay two. After hatching she would feed them with “crop milk” rich in protein and fat and secreted from her crop lining.

My speculation is she was a Mourning Dove. She had no knowledge of the coming flood God would send on the earth. But, God prepared a place for her. He spoke with Noah telling him to take not only two of every kind of living animal on the ark, but 7 of every clean bird and animal. Just before the flood she came to the ark. Her dove mind had no comprehension of danger in the form of flood. God sent her to Noah. Perhaps Noah helped by placing seeds on the gunwale of the ark, but she came with her mate and 6 other pair of doves.

She heard the rain pour upon the roof of the ark. She felt the ark rock and pitch as the waters rose above the surface of the earth to cover even the tallest mountain. (Everest?) Noah or someone from his family fed the doves. She ate, slept, and listened to the sound of water just outside the ark walls. For 150 days, she inhabited the saving space called the ark.

11 months after she entered the ark with Noah, he sent her on a mission, to see if the waters had dried up from the face of the earth. She found no place to set her feet. She returned to Noah. But Noah was not finished with her tasks. 7 days later he sent her out again. This little dove, a seed eater, came back to Noah with a fresh olive leaf in her beak. Imagine Noah’s joy! She returned to him for while the flood waters had subsided, the land was not yet dry. 7 days later Noah sent her out again. He watched for her, but she did not return even though her mate was still in the ark.

The little mourning dove in the picture could be an ancestor of this Bible “famous” dove. Centuries later the dove continues to remind me that once in earth history God sent a flood. This dove reminds me that after the flood God set His “bow” in the heavens as a covenant that never again would He destroy the earth with a flood. In the New Testament God further kept His bow covenant by sending Jesus to save the world from sin.

DSC_0001_052sigThe dove had a part in God’s grand plan to save the world from sin. Perhaps the dove Noah sent out was white. I think it could have been a Mourning Dove.