Sustainable, Always


Sustainable-what is it? I like using synonyms. A few that have the same meaning are enduring, continuing, and keep up.

In the plant world, a perennial is a living example of sustainability. Perennials, endure and continue season after season. They keep up by growing slightly deeper roots creating a stronger plant every growing season.

They keep up with blossoms. The plant depends on a flowering season each growing season to develop fresh seed to sustain life to add new plants of its kind.DSC_0005_126sig

In a small prairie near our home is the latest native perennial to bloom. It is the American Vetch (Vicia Americana). You could call it Purple Vetch and be understood too. American vetch is a native member of the pea family. It has tendrils at the end of its leaves that wind around other plants for support. Do not confuse this desirable perennial with the nonnative highly invasive Crown Vetch which is found in road ditches.

The native American Vetch is also a legume, the third largest plant family in the world. It is in the highly desirable family of native plants that contains leadplant, ground plum, and my personal favorite purple prairie clover. The big deal about legumes is their ability to take nitrogen from the air. The miracle in legumes is their built in power to take nitrogen from the air, N2 and transform it to NH3, a form of nitrogen usable by plants. World famous scientist George Washington Carver used the peanut, a legume he made famous, to restore the soil of the south worn out by years of growing cotton.

American vetch, its sustainable. It’s beautiful and in bloom.DSC_0010_129sig

One more significant truth, this plant is also a model of a greater sustainability. God’s love. It is the ultimate sustainable. It never fails. It never ceases. It lasts forever, season after season. God’s love is also inclusive. It is for ALL people, no one anywhere is ever excluded. Examine the photos of the American Vetch. Your eyes are examining a stunning model of a greater universal, eternal sustainability plan-the love of God for the world!

For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations. Psalm 100:5

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