We have 6 senses. Most of us believe we have 5. For adults, the 6th sense is greatly unused. Many children are drastically more skilled with the human 6th sense. Children are less inhibited by life experiences. They can see the wonder in the world we live in. The human 6th sense is a sense of wonder.

We are not referring to wonder as a question. That is the other type. We mean the human sense of awe at the natural world. Using our built-in sense of wonder intensely enriches human life.

If you are a skeptic, you’ve been thinking, “So what? Big deal, this is a non-issue.” If you are thinking this, your sense of wonder is buried under layers of proper adult behavior. Children lose their sense of wonder when they are inside for long periods. Adults and children both lose their sense of wonder when a majority of time is spent in front of a screen. Excessive screen time is unhealthy.

To get you outside quickly-Two things remain:

  1. How to revive your sense of wonder.
  2. A vital reason to rekindle yours and that of children’s sense of wonder.


Reviving your sense of wonder: (do all of these outside)

  1. Use your primary 5 senses: sight, touch taste, smell, hearing. Rather than using only your sense of sight-close your eyes and smell, touch, listen, even taste if safe. It takes time, but you will quickly enjoy this!
  2. Find a favorite spot outside. Go there on a regular basis. Look for things that you feel are beautiful in nature. Remember to look at the sky every time. Watch clouds if there are some.
  3. Be still-this includes talking…listen in nature more than you speak.
  4. After a few times in your favorite spot-lay down on the ground-on your back. It will surprise you…this is something you will like.
  5. Every time you go outside expect to be surprised by something unexpected, look for it.

Start with these 5. It is possible to spend the rest of your life searching for wonder (awe) in nature. It could become one of the greatest joys of your life.

Now for the vital reason: God created all of the natural world we live in. Everything in it points to Him.

God invites us to look at what He has done. “Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!” Psalm 66:5

What could happen to your life as you discover the awe of nature? I offer one answer to that question. If God has made all we see, and holds it all in order, doesn’t it make sense to know more about Him? God’s hand is visible outside. Your God given sense of wonder will help you see the hand of God wherever your eyes roam. Light the match, rekindle your sense of wonder. Even better, ask God to help. He is the only awesome.