1 Tree for You- The Same for Me

My thoughts have wandered often to trees today. My mind plays over and over two things significant about trees and human life. All day, to this moment my breaths have been regular. Each breath brings life-sustaining oxygen to my lungs. You’ve been doing that too. The tree in the photo is almost ready to shed its leaves. Since late April this Maple tree has produced oxygen as a bi-product of photosynthesis. What it really needs is the carbon dioxide you and I have been breathing out all day. When its leaves fall off it will have produced enough oxygen for you and me-for a whole year. This has been on my mind all day. DSC_0120_661
This is the other thing. We have established that the maple in the picture has produced enough oxygen for you and me, what about all the other people in the world? The other thing that has played over and over today is how many trees scientists estimate are growing now, today on earth. This is the number which came up more than once during my search: 3 trillion…3 with 12 zeros trailing it! This last truth just drops me. Divide the total number of people on earth into 3 trillion. The answer is how many trees there are for EVERY person on earth.
Its 400. 400 trees for you, 400 for me and 400 for every other person-on earth! What have we been discussing here- trees, oxygen, you and me? What we haven’t discussed is abundance. There is an overwhelming abundance of oxygen available to you, me and all of our fellow earth dwellers. Is this abundance an accident? Did this balance of life come from self-organization of earth biomes which over time balanced with human life? Inconceivable. No need to hug a tree for this marvelous gift of abundant oxygen. Fall to your knees and thank God.DSC_0108_655sigDSC_0177sig