This Morning in Aurdal Township

This Morning in Aurdal Township

I saw wonder in blue. It perched to view the world safely from a high wire. Not alone, it was with a group of Bluebirds gathering to migrate. This one may winter in southern Texas. What will those bluebird eyes see?DSC_0091_750sig

I saw gold beauty this morning in Aurdal Township. Aspen leaves shimmered golden in the before noon light. These were small, large aspen trees may reach 80 feet tall and be larger than two feet in diameter. Their leaves quiver in a slight breeze because the stem is at a right angle to the leaf. Fall “aspen gold” draws my eyes again and again.DSC_0080_747sig


“Sumac Scarlet” was visible this morning in Aurdal Township. The beautiful, gorgeous, striking red of fall sumac leaves are always eye pleasing. Sumac isn’t just for pleasing humans, 300 species of songbirds include sumac fruit in their diets.DSC_0082_748sig

Wild turkeys were in view, feeding peacefully this morning in Aurdal Township. They walk on the ground to feed. It may have been an entire “family”. The hen lays between 10-15 eggs in spring. My eyes counted 13. They were very aware of me.DSC_0111_754sig

The moon traveled silently above Aurdal Township this morning as it made its regular orbit from east to west. It was 60 % illuminated moving steadily above a wisp of high thin cirrus clouds. Ash yellow leaves reminded me once more, fall has come…to Aurdal township. All of this, and there was much more. Life in abundance on a midweek morning in an area of 35 square miles where 1,450 live. Did anyone else see the wonder and beauty? Some did, most were busy with living life this morning in this small township.DSC_0123_755sig

Could beautiful things such as these be seen in any other place? Certainly, but it is too much for my mind to comprehend. Think of it! The earth is full of both beauty and wonder. The author of Psalm 65 confirmed it,

“The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.” (Psalm 65:8) Imagine the whole earth-filled with awe and wonders! With God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”) Imagine, we live in a world filled with wonder and awe, all made for us. Why would God create such a world? Love.

Author: davidwellis

What does a grandfather, husband, former public school teacher and Education Specialist for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service with many life experiences in nature do with them? A naturalist with a camera-makes outside a daily destination. My confidence is that God will guide my words, and photos. We live in a magnificent world, come and look at it with me through eyes, lens and words. To God be the glory. Current Profile Photo- Prickly Ash, the name summarizes this brushy undergrowth well. It fascinates me with its thorny branches. Seeing a vine wrapped around the trunk called for a photo.