Do Over

Do you wish for a second chance? Are there things or words for which you would like a “do over?” This is the time of year when many seek to start over. Begin new in diet, exercise, more discipline in life and work. It is a time of reflection. Every year of life we pile up things we wish to say or do differently. We create a mountain of behaviors we’d like to do over. By year’s end we have a mass of regrets, that’s why hope fills the early days of the new.

We all need a “do over.” God gives it to us. Not just one either. With God we can “do over” again and again. There are some powerful everyday examples of God’s willingness to give you and I the “do overs” we need. You may not think of them as examples. Isaac Newton once asked “Whence arises all that order and beauty we see in the world?” Two powerful examples of order and beauty give us hope and an understanding that when we fail and need a “do over” one will be provided.

First example, the moon. The moon starts over each month. A full moon occurred yesterday. Today the moon is waning, 2% less illuminated than yesterday. 238,857 miles distant, the moon has predictable stages. It takes 29.5 days for the moon to go from new moon to the next new moon. Every month, people who delight in the phases of the moon have opportunity to witness its silent beauty. Miss them one month, there is another chance. Each month there is a chance to witness the moon as a crescent, full, waning and waxing. There is one important reason to , the moon is God’s “faithful witness.” Psalm 89:37 Watch it, observe it, realize the power and divine nature of God.DSC_0144_1328sig

The second example, sunrise and sunset. The human eye and heart is given twice daily opportunity to witness magnificent beauty as the sun rises to begin the day. This beauty is repeated at sunset. Winter days can be brief. At 46.2 degrees latitude, the first day of winter has 8 hours and 35 minutes of daylight. It is 6 seconds longer than the shortest day, the winter solstice. Sunrise and sunset at two daily times of jaw dropping beauty. Thin cirrus clouds often produce the greatest color. Yet a clear sunrise of set has beauty. With sunrise and sunset, people have daily opportunities to be reminded of the majesty, power and wonder of God.DSC_0156_1337sig

You need a do over? Sure, you do. Me? You know it. We are imperfect. We talk too much. We are selfish, we want things our way. Our selfish nature hurts those around us. Yes, we need “do overs.”

As another year begins do you doubt things can be different? Do you feel as though life is a rut you’ll never escape? Look at the moon, plan your day to watch the sun rise or set. Watch both, it’s even better. These examples speak plainly that God will give you another chance. To believe this it helps to observe His clear examples. Watch the moon, it does not need to be full. Change your routine and drive to a place where you can watch the sun rise or set at the horizon. We get reminders, daily. Be still. God will be present.

The sun and moon, remind us of something God has spoken in words. The Bible says, “The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. I am with you, even to the end of the age.” Lamentations 3:22-23 There it is, we get a second chance-everyday. This truth makes watching a sunrise or set more than just a time for pleasure. The moon and sun remind us daily, there is hope, there is a “do over.” When God gives a “do over” it is filled with love; and forgiveness. DSC_0160_1339sig

Author: davidwellis

What does a grandfather, husband, former public school teacher and Education Specialist for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service with many life experiences in nature do with them? A naturalist with a camera-makes outside a daily destination. My confidence is that God will guide my words, and photos. We live in a magnificent world, come and look at it with me through eyes, lens and words. To God be the glory. Current Profile Photo- Prickly Ash, the name summarizes this brushy undergrowth well. It fascinates me with its thorny branches. Seeing a vine wrapped around the trunk called for a photo.

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