Exclamation, we know it as strong feeling. We use a mark to show it! One! is strong. Double that, does this indicate double strong feeling? What is double strong feeling? Perhaps more emotion, more passion? We know strong emotions walk with strong feelings. Perhaps they are the same. Passion found in strong feeling forms a feeling trio.

This is about strong excitement, great enthusiasm, and delight. This is about fervent emotion…doubled. To understand we will use two words: fathom and miracle. Fathom as in understand and comprehend. Miracle, the same as marvel and phenomenon.

You know there are miracles. We can find them in everywhere in nature.DSC_0073_1562sig A sunrise is an obvious place to begin. It is a phenomenon every human can witness daily on clear mornings. Astronauts aboard the International Space station witness nearly 15 sunrises in 24 hours. Because we could witness a sunrise multiple times each week, it does not seem significant. Light 8.3 minutes old streaming to earth from 93,000,000 miles distant is a marvel. Sunlight is radiant heat and bright light. Life giving vitamin D is in sunlight. Sunlight drives the entire earth process of photosynthesis. Our ability to witness a sunrise heralds a daily miracle Honestly, it is a phenomenon beyond human comprehension. This alone is double strong feeling, emotion, and passion.

Only one more example…hearts. One of my favorite birds, the Black-capped Chickadee has an astonishing heart. In daytime activity this tiny feathered dynamo has a heart rate of 2,000 beats per minute. There are three zeros after the 2. Beyond belief, 2,000 beats in 60 quick seconds. During the day it can feed constantly, not at night. How does a tiny bird survive northern climate nights where temperatures often reach -20F  (-28C)? Slow the heart rate…begin a nightly torpor, an overnight hibernation. At night a chickadee is able to slow its heart rate to 500 beats, that’s easy math 75% slower at night. Along with a vastly slower heartrate its body temperature lowers 20 degrees. Take a breath. This is unfathomable it is phenomenal in epic proportion. Make it double emotion. What makes your heart beat?

Now consider this. To put this in proper perspective we must turn to God. We read this in the Bible: “The Word of God is living, and active…”Hebrews 4:12 This truth is the foundation of the two miracles and the phenomenon they bring us, and infinitely more.

Remember what we began with, emotion, miracles, and phenomenon, doubled. In the Living Word of God, the book of Job there are two verses that read exactly the same. Word for word the same, all 12 of them.  12 words are repeated twice, a message doubled. Think about the significance of God repeating himself. Eternal, almighty, all-knowing, everywhere present God intentionally repeats this message of 12 words. Here are the words: “He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.” Two verses, Job 5:9 AND Job 9:10  exactly the same.

When God repeats himself, listen.

Your turn, apply these words to your life now. God performs wonders and miracles, for you and no one can count them. Can you hear God shout? He’s not angry, he loves us . He reminds us twice in a dozen words. What is his greatest wonder, his most profound miracle? Jesus, the one who died for our sins. No human can fathom such love. It is the greatest exclamation the world has ever heard.DSC_0093_1404sig