Power. We like to have it; power over others, for control, and a sense of safety and satisfaction.  We even view it as comfort. At times we resent others who have power. That means they can direct our choices. Because it seems they have more privilege we may be envious.

Power, as in control, authority, rule and dominance is what most humans strive for. When we have some power, we want more. This is a characteristic of power. We recognize power in humans who have it. These individuals have control and ability to use it.

We are not skilled in understanding power we cannot see. The greatest power of all is invisible to us now.  Yet we humans demand evidence. To believe it, we must see it.

We’ll use a bird to provide evidence of unseen power. This bird is my favorite example for demonstrating unseen power. Watch this bird; see the power. It is the chickadee that is a superb model of unseen power.DSC_0023_1697sig

The average chickadee weighs .3 to .5 ounces. One half an ounce or less, this is a lightweight. Its wingspan is from 6 to 8 inches. This smaller than a sparrow bird is a year around resident in northern climates from the central United States to as far north as the Yukon in northern Canada. Temperatures in these regions range below zero F for days, even weeks. How does the heart of a chickadee keep a body of ½ ounce from freezing? There are a number of significant factors. We can call them elements of power. Here are four:

+Feathers…during fall the chickadee will add 25% more feathers.

+A daytime body temperature of 100+ degrees F.

+Nighttime body temperature lowers from 14-20 degrees, the bird enters a torpor-call it nightly hibernation.

+A very high daytime metabolism requires all day feeding. In fall while adding feathers, a chickadee’s brain sluffs off last year’s neurons and adds new ones to increase memory and remember seeds it has cached during warm months for winter survival.


But the chickadee is not the only example of unseen power. Similar elements of power are actually found in all birds that are year-round residents of the northern climates of the world. Pull on the threads of these elements with me. Where does each thread lead us? As we follow them we will find all of them leading to one mutual source. God is the source of this power.


What difference does it make to know the source of unseen, real everlasting power?


We humans have another need, its peace of mind. If we are honest, the world is out of control. Murders, crime upon crime, lying, mistrust, sickness and bad things happen daily. Fear steals into our lives, we feel powerless, at risk. We long for peace in our hearts and minds. Actually, it seems that if there is a God, he has no power. If God existed and was all-powerful none of these power robbing events in the world would happen.


Sin exists too. Sin is the cause of a world out of control, the source of powerlessness. Sin entered the world through one man-Adam. With sin came the greatest power thief-death. Neither you nor I truthfully could say we welcome death. There is no human living who has power over death.


The Creator of the chickadee is the only one with death defeating power. Through another man, the Son of God, Jesus, came life-everlasting. Love is the power that overcomes death. God is love. He loves both of us. Romans 5:8 tells us this, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”DSC_0033_1706sig


Power to create bird that can overcome the frozen severities of northern winters is magnificent-beyond comprehension. But power over life ending death belongs to only one: Jesus. This is the ultimate, true power. Believe this and eternal life is your gift from God.