In Search of Beauty

Human beings are beauty enthusiasts. We realize this, but seldom think of it. The world’s most famous museum, the Louvre, holds 35, 000 masterpieces. Millions of people visit here annually. They come to see beauty. We don’t need to think about liking things that are beautiful, we are wired to enjoy it. The substantial number of annual visitors to the Louvre is evidence we are willing to seek it.

Beauty is not found only in paintings. The musical compositions of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Handel and many others are witness to the beauty found in music. The human ear is synchronized with the heart to the beauty of harmony and melody. Beautiful music brings joy, peace and great emotion to the human spirit. The music does not need to be classical. It is estimated that 32 million people in the United States attend a music festival each year. It is the beauty they hear in music which draws them.

Humans become obsessed with beauty. Masterpiece paintings are stolen. Shiny new cars, sparkling diamonds, dazzling gold are objects we humans can become fanatically infatuated with.

What is the gateway through which we relate to beauty? We find it with our 5 senses. Throughout our lives we use our eyes, ears, nose, taste buds, and finger tips to know beauty.

We see beauty in a sunset. Hear it as the wind rustles the leaves of Aspen trees. Feel it as that same breeze caresses our skin and cools it. We delight in the scent of water freshened air. The citrus taste of a fresh orange boosts a healthy diet.

What is beauty? We know it when we see it. Understand it when we hear it. We are grateful when we feel it. We say “aah!” as we smell it and “yum” when we taste it.

Why does it grip the human heart so strongly? Human ability to appreciate beauty is a gift. While we use our 5 senses for other aspects of life, the 5 human senses work in harmony with beauty. Without our senses we could not enjoy or delight in the beauty found on earth.

Now, what is the origin of beauty? Serious reflection brings us to the conclusion that beauty did not develop with time. The qualities of what constitute beauty exist. They did not advance as time passed. Recorded human history for millennia reveals the presence of beauty. It also reveals the existence of the human sensory gifts to experience it.

Our 5 senses and beauty are God’s gifts to us. Beauty originates with God. Psalm 50:2 is clear: “From Zion, (Zion in this context means heaven.) perfect in beauty, God shines forth.” God is infinite beauty. He is the creator of beauty, and He made 5 human senses to experience it.

Examine the photos with this text. They provide examples of the beauty God placed in this world. No human has ever been credited with the invention of a human sensory ability. Yet, every human has a sense and appreciation for beauty. We were made to seek it and delight in it.

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Finally, the wisest man in world history, King Solomon of Israel, wrote these words about beauty and its origin, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 Enjoy this beautiful world, use your gifted senses to experience it. Have no fear when you cannot comprehend it all. The Creator of beauty and your senses loves you with a love beyond understanding. Remember the love of God when you next experience beauty on earth. Go, seek it and find its Creator.

Author: davidwellis

What does a grandfather, husband, former public school teacher and Education Specialist for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service with many life experiences in nature do with them? A naturalist with a camera-makes outside a daily destination. My confidence is that God will guide my words, and photos. We live in a magnificent world, come and look at it with me through eyes, lens and words. To God be the glory. Current Profile Photo- Prickly Ash, the name summarizes this brushy undergrowth well. It fascinates me with its thorny branches. Seeing a vine wrapped around the trunk called for a photo.