Why Creation Words?

In 2003 Romans 1:20 became a passage of scripture which spoke to me of the connection between creation and Creator. Creation Words uses the general revelation of creation to direct our thinking to the Creator of all things: God. Every living thing in creation has a built-in miracle which gives evidence of God as creator. Join me on this journey to share photos and text: “creation words” to direct our thoughts and hearts to know God.DSC_0426ed


The Tri-colored bumble bee above was a spring first for me. Bumble bees astonish me. First class pollinators, this one surprised me. It was active-but from my human perspective, there was no source of nectar or pollen for it to feed on. The photo was taken on the day after I first observed it. In some location near where the photo was taken, this female will create a nest in the ground. There she will begin the 2018 generation of Tri-colored bumble bees. When her first eggs hatch, these new bumble bees will begin to contribute to the bumble bee nest which may grow to over 100 bumble bees by the end of the summer. We know much about them-yet great mystery is found in this amazing creature.

My desire for every creationwords.com post is to point both of us to God.

Look for the love of God in the photos. Listen to God’s word shared in each post. Know he is God, believe Jesus is your Savior.