In 2003 Romans 1:20 became a passage of scripture which spoke to me of the connection between creation and Creator. Creation Words uses the general revelation of creation to direct our thinking to the Creator of all things: God. Every living thing in creation has a built-in miracle which gives evidence of God as creator. Join me on this journey to share photos and text: “creation words” to direct our thoughts and hearts to know God.




The Canada geese are here. They have come because the first winter cold has come. Small bodies of water they drank from in warmer times are locked in ice. The river is open, life giving water is here. The geese come, by the thousands. This water brings life for them. On a hot day in the Middle East over 2000 years ago, Jesus reminded a woman that HE was the living water. As you read Creation Words, my prayer is that God will use my words and photos to lead us to the ‘living water” Jesus offers. Come to the water.