In 2003 Romans 1:20 became a passage of scripture which spoke to me of the connection between creation and Creator. Creation Words uses the general revelation of creation to direct our thinking to the Creator of all things: God. Every living thing in creation has a built-in miracle which gives evidence of God as creator. Join me on this journey to share photos and text: “creation words” to direct our thoughts and hearts to know God.



This photo was taken on the uphill slope from a frozen lake. The ice on the lake is nearly 2 feet thick at this time of winter. The animal who made this track is a “bounder.” This means it bounds when it runs. This 4 legged animal places its rear feet in the same tracks made by its front feet. So, we see 2 foot prints side by side. The track prints are approximately 8-10 inches apart. This distance shows us the size of the animals body. The longer triangle impression in the snow in front of the tracks is made by the animal’s tail. My guess from these observations is the animal that made the tracks was a mink.

My desire for every creationwords.com post is to point both of us to God.

Look for the love of God in the photos. Listen to God’s word shared in each post. Know he is God, believe Jesus is your Savior.