Hope, Perfect, Everlasting

This week is unlike any other in my memory. It seems the world is falling apart. Appalling human behavior produces fear in our hearts, the world as we know it, appears in shambles. Though difficult to acknowledge, evil activities are daily occurrences in our world. We search for something to give us hope. In times [...]

Toxic Caterpillar a Silent Witness

  Introducing the Tussock Moth the carrier of cardiac glycosides.  It feasts on milkweed and dogbane. This little invertebrate is filled with silent witness examples of a Creator. First, because of the glycosides, predators find this fuzzy caterpillar highly distasteful. Not only foul tasting, cardiac glycosides toxins can disrupt human heart activity.  Besides being toxic [...]

Earth Engineer

Web maker An engineering genius. Its web making family more than 40,000 species of engineer designers. Astonishing silk makers, five times stronger than the same diameter of steel. Every web distinctive, Every orb with different radii and lengths of silk. Insect consumer extraordinaire. The weight of insects consumed annually by the world’s spiders exceeds the [...]

More Than All

Socrates is considered a wise man. Perhaps he is best known for his gifted ability to question everything and everyone. Today we know it as the Socratic method.  The Socratic method of teaching is to ask question after question until students or readers arrive at their own understanding. The method of Socrates can lead us [...]

Perfect Peace

The English language is filled with abundant and descriptive terms. For me synonyms are a delight to explore. Look with me at the word peace.  Its synonyms are calm, quiet, stillness, tranquility, silence, harmony and serenity. Peace also means goodwill. It is a word few humans would deny they wish for in their life. Five [...]