Yellow Jacket…Mini-sized Power

This is about power. This is about persistence. Tenacity describes our topic. Doggedness works too. This is about power in an insect. A persistent, tenacious, single-minded insect. It is an insect with a bite you will not forget. We fear spiders. This insect can bite repeatedly. The life goal of this insect is to reproduce [...]

No Tears, No Sickness or Pain, No Death

I spent 30 minutes in another world today. The world was in my backyard. Since it was in my backyard, this world contained earth residents. Once in this world, my feet never moved. Here my eyes found the Cup Plant ( Silphium perfoliatum) Most were over 10 feet tall with deep green leaves and brilliant [...]

Painted Lady Irruption

Suddenly there were thousands of them. It was, in biologists’ terms, an irruption, a sudden sharp increase in the relative numbers of a population. My grandpa’s eyes had never witnessed such a dramatic increase. Unusual things like these a naturalist remembers and records. My experience has recorded nothing of this magnitude before. It may be [...]

One Without the Other

You can’t have one without the other. This thought began today when my camera strap went around my neck. The air temperature was 68 F. That is important when your subject is invertebrates. Rain had fallen earlier, so insects were moving slowly. After a few moments of observation, my subjects became the soldier beetle and [...]


Super heroes attract. A superhero has extraordinary powers. Most super heroes do extraordinary good for people. We are fascinated with them. There is another truth, superheroes are fictional. But, not all of them. This is about a real superhero, actually many of them. They are called bumblebees. Our superhero flies, just like most fictional heroes. [...]