Never Too Short

If you live in the northern hemisphere your tolerance of it is gone by March. Perhaps you were one of those who delighted in it last fall. In March you say, “enough.” As snow continues to fall our united hearts cry, “spring!”

Before snow and winter end, there is wisdom in remembering what snow is. It forms above our heads in air temperatures below 32 degrees. Call it a snowflake. It is actually a crystal. In each crystal, every water molecule is lined up in a precise hexagonal array. Now, a snowflake is any combination of exquisite snow crystals from fragments of crystals to hundreds, even thousands of crystals falling in clumps.DSC_0232_2018sig

We have heard it said, “no two crystals are alike.” This is the fantastic part. The formation of an intensely beautiful snow crystal is dependent upon these factors: temperature, humidity and path of travel. For every crystal, all three factors are slightly different. As each crystal forms and grows those three factors are the same for each of the six arms-but different for every other crystal.

This is the part that dazzles us. Have you given thought to how many snow crystals fall upon the surface of the earth in a winter season?  It’s one septillion. If you are interested in writing this number it is 1-with 24 zeros following it, don’t forget the commas…eight of them. What is dazzle doubled? Everyone of the one septillion crystals is different.DSC_0240_2021sig

This is the time of year we are delighted with another aspect of snow crystals. They melt.

Before we leave snow behind for this season, consider another truth. We can use snow for the example. How many things have you made that are alike but different? Certainly not 1 septillion. The snow crystal is one example in an infinite number of things all made by One Creator. God.

God controls temperature, humidity and yes, the path of every snow crystal. One more time-1 septillion paths. While each fell God also controlled the heart rate and respiration of every living creature on earth, including us. Simultaneously God coordinated sunrise and set, earth tides and the orbits of all nine major planets in our solar system. Not to mention all of the other unnamed events happening at the same time-in the universe.DSC_0244_2023sig

Does this seem too like an impossibility? Not when you remember omnipotent means all-powerful; unlimited all powerful. There is a verse in the Bible which is a metaphor describing the power of God. God is speaking to Moses about providing meat for over a million people. It reads, “The Lord answered Moses, “Is the Lord’s arm too short? Now you will see whether or not what I say will come true for you.” Numbers 11:23 It rained quail…read Numbers 23.

1 septillion snow crystals-in one winter. Quail falling from the sky by the thousands, enough to feed a million people. Perfect love for the whole world. Perfect never-changing love for you. A friend said today, “You can’t make this stuff up.”  One snow crystal is evidence of the power of God. 1 septillion snow crystals are overwhelming. God’s “arm” is never too short.


We are like snowflakes.DSC_0147_1601sig

Call it a snowflake, but crystal is a superior name,

nothing is common about them, like frozen miracles.

Formed ½ to 3 miles feet above the earth,

a droplet of water, a speck of dust or salt.

Unseen by any human eye till just before it reaches land.

The central crystal adds 6 crystal arms on its trip to soil.

Each crystal arm forms according to the God arranged order of the water molecule which establishes them. In perfect conditions their symmetry is breathtaking.

All crystals travel a different path to earth.

No crystal is alike-ever, in all of history, this winter and any future winter, not even one image the same.

Sturdy for the long fall to earth, delicate, intricate, elaborate, and infused with breath taking beauty.

It may be called snow, but this word is too common, too ordinary.

How are we like snowflakes?DSC_0142sig

Call us embryo, but baby is a superior term.

We began life as babies.  Miracle is the best description.

Each of us was formed unseen at conception in the womb. Unnoticed by human eye.

Growing quickly adding incomprehensible and magnificent body systems. Every part miraculous, symmetrically breathtaking.

Our development followed a God set order-our DNA.

Like a snow crystal,

there is no other human exactly like you, not one.

Every human is sturdy for a long life on earth, but delicate, elaborate and infused with breath taking beauty, like a snow crystal.

Yes, call us human.

But separate from lifeless snow crystals for we are made in the living image of God.

Snow crystals melt within the season of their formation,
The human soul is eternal.

So, God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God, he created them; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27DSC_0149_1603sig