Quench Your Thirst

It is so common 71% of the earth is covered with it. An aside worth mentioning, humans live on the 29% not covered. The body of a newborn baby is 78% of this common substance. It is ubiquitous. You know by now our subject is water. It is a global substance. It is abundant. Water is so common. Common things are often taken for granted.

No other physical object has the properties of water. It can be solid-ice. It can be liquid-in a glass. It can be a gas-steam.

Water does not boil until it reaches 212° degrees Fahrenheit (100° C). It freezes at 32° Fahrenheit (0° C). These two physical properties of water make life on earth possible. There are other properties which make life on earth possible. Water has the highest surface tension for all liquids. Insects walk on water because of surface tension. Water is “the universal solvent”. Many other substances dissolve in water, more in fact than any other substance.

Water is more than amazing. For a human, it means life. It is so important that each human on the planet should drink a half-gallon of it each day. Try it. But not all at once.

There is another property of water. Because each water molecule is two parts oxygen and one-part hydrogen, pure water is clear. That is because these two elements are invisible in nature.

Clear water is beautiful. Clear, clean water quenches our thirst.

Jesus compared Himself to water. He did not say he was like water. He said He was “living water.” He spoke these words to a woman at a well in Samaria, “But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.” (John 4:14)

Thirsty? We have two kinds of thirst: physical and spiritual. The woman who spoke to Jesus that day knew about her physical thirst. She came to the well to quench it. When she got there Jesus reminded her of her spiritual thirst. He told her about the other kind of water-Living. After a talk with Jesus she went away with her spiritual thirst satisfied.

We drink when we feel thirsty. Living Water cures the thirst of our soul.

Have a talk with Jesus the Maker of earth’s clear water. Tell Him about the thirst of your soul. He is the Living Water. His promise of eternal life is 100%.Superior-Black Beach

Across the Frozen Lake

Across the Frozen Lake
Boone liked mornings. He liked adventure. It was morning. He’d been thinking about this adventure since yesterday. He would cross the lake. He would do it walking-on ice. He knew experts called ice a film on water. But he had been watching the lake. Ice had covered its surface three weeks earlier. It had never opened since. He would be careful. He told his dad. He told his mom. He knew what they would say, both did, “be careful, I love you.”

Across the frozen lake was where he anticipated adventure. He’d walked on ice-covered water before. He knew ice could be unsafe, he would be safe and walk around the very edge. The water was not over his head there. He knew his first adventure would be on the ice. That would make two adventures in one. Even better. These quests would happen this morning.
It was cold. One of Boone’s daily habits was to check the family’s digital thermometer each morning when he got out of bed. This morning it read 12 degrees F. He would leave after breakfast. In his young life he had been faithfully taught by both parents and grandparents that the Bible is God’s word. Before breakfast and before final preparation to start these adventures, he picked up his Bible. This morning he read from Psalm 33 these words, “Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the people of the world revere him. For he spoke, and it came to be…” Boone could not fully understand how God could just speak and things came to be. This morning he would walk among the things God spoke into being.cropped-dsc_0031_888sig1.jpg
He was becoming more and more eager to be on his way. He took time to eat a fine breakfast. He even ate a banana. That’s when his mom reminded him explorers brush their teeth before great expeditions. Sometimes he debated his mother about brushing. This morning he was keen on getting started. He brushed.
Before his dad left the house, he reminded Boone about dressing in layers. It was on his mind as he put his toothbrush away. When he walked through the kitchen his mom said, “the thermometer reads 15 degrees Boone, remember to layer up.” He knew if his grandpa were there, he would hear the same thing. His first layer was a one-piece suit of long underwear. It was old, but it was lightweight; and warm. He added a thermal turtle neck and pulled on two pair of socks, one wool. Over his cargo pants he added an outer layer of waterproof wind pants. For his arms and chest, he added a fleece vest and a lightweight parka with a hood. Once his insulated, waterproof boots were on, he would step outside. He did not plan to bring the survival bag his grandfather helped him assemble after his first solo trip. He was close to home. He would rely on his cell phone. He’d checked the charge on the battery. As he stepped out the door he reached for the willow walking stick his grandfather had made for him last Christmas. Boone felt his grandfather was near when the stick was in hand. Grandpa’s signature, burned in the wood near the top confirmed it.
He’d stepped into the crisp early winter air when he remembered. How many times had he heard is dad and grandfather say never head onto early ice without your ice picks. He’d left the two palm size cylinders of wood with nails firmly fastened to the end in the drawer in the laundry. The nylon cord attached to the other end of each cylinder went around his neck. If he accidentally broke through the ice he could use the ice picks to pull himself back to safety. He knew his dad would ask. His trip across the frozen lake would wait 5 minutes. Since he did not see his mom anywhere, he left his boots on to walk into the laundry. Boone thought to himself, they are clean yet.
Finally, he was ready and standing outside. Though he was 11 Boone had already developed the habits of someone used to being outside. He stopped and gazed around him. The first minute outside he always stood still and just watched. He was never disappointed.cropped-dsc_0091e2d.jpg
Boone was pleased his family lived two quick blocks from the lake. He would be there in five minutes. He decided to take big steps. He thought about how the lake had looked unfrozen. Then he thought about those first steps on the ice. He had completely forgotten the math homework due Monday. His drums and practicing them would have to wait. Adventure first and the first part of the adventure would be across the frozen lake. (to be continued)DSC_0059_1035sig

Two Kinds of Water

Water, is as old as the earth itself. Water outlasts every human who needs it for life. Old, ancient, yet constantly renewable and always life-giving. It is made to refresh every cell in the human body. Likewise, all earth dwelling animals need the daily recharge of water within their cells. Water is the universal life-giving liquid. Foul it, dirty it then filter it clean again. It is always on the move. Evaporating, condensing precipitating as rain, snow, sleet, fog, even hail. The cycle of water is massive. It covers the entire earth. Blizzards, thunderstorms, hurricanes, torrential rains and gentle showers water the earth. It soaks into the earth giving life to all plant life. It runs off the earth forming rivers useful to man and wildlife.DSC_0143_820sig

DSC_0145_821sigWater is beautiful in every form. Water as ice is hard, cold and refreshing. As liquid it quenches thirst and cleans our skin. As gas it is invisible, able to form clouds. It can be blue, gray or the color of stainless steel. Water reflections form magnificent mirror images. No other substance has qualities like it. Actually, water is a miracle life-giving substance. We take it for granted. We can. God made water. He put it on earth to sustain life. God controls the water cycles of the earth. He knows how to care for it. Water is his gift.DSC_0165_841sig

DSC_0171_827sigGod has made another kind of water. It’s called “living water.” Living water is God’s specialty. This water is God’s ultimate gift to humans. Drink of this water and you will never thirst again. This living water wells up, it gives eternal life. Jesus spoke to a woman at a well on a hot day in the middle east. He told her he was the living water. He invited her to drink of the living water and receive eternal life. She did.

God is the perfect water expert. He has made two kinds. One gives life on earth, to earth. The other is far more powerful than earthly water. His second kind of water is more miraculous than earthly water. It’s Jesus, the living water, He is the source. Drink the life-giving water of earth for physical health. “Drink” the living water Jesus offers to be cleaned of every sin, and given life everlasting. You might think water this powerful would be expensive. Do you know what the most amazing truth about this living water is? Jesus, Son of God, invites us to come, it’s free, no strings, no expectations. There are no qualifying conditions, you are invited to partake of living water-as you are. Come drink, Jesus is inviting us.DSC_0178_828sigDSC_0179_829sig